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How to choose a disposable toothbrush in the guest room?


As a star-rated hotel, how to choose disposable goods is very important, which can not only save the cost of the company, but also provide customers with warm service.

How to choose disposable items for your hotel? Take the dental appliances in the guest room for example: Don't look at a small toothbrush. In fact, there are a lot of knowledge in it: Here I can share some small knowledge in my daily work. In fact, in my work, I am mainly responsible for disposable items, and then choose toothbrushes from these. In terms of aspect, first of all, from the material of toothbrush, it can be divided into toothbrush handle and brush bristle. The most important thing is to look at these two places. If you want to make your customers more comfortable and easy to use, brush bristle and brush handle are the key. Generally speaking, the long handle toothbrush is better than the short handle toothbrush, and the soft hair tip is better than the hard hair.

It's not that the more expensive the better. The key is to fit the mouth and use it comfortably. The simplest way to distinguish material is to try bending a toothbrush a few times after buying it. Some of the brushes are easy to break, and the brushes are not uniform in workmanship. The brushes that feel hard are usually inferior. About toothbrushes, good materials are soft and powerful, brush hair is soft, it is not easy to scratch gums, take fine teeth cleaning toothbrush for example, all PBT material, brush hair is very fine, cleaning teeth is of course more thorough. Common toothbrushes are mostly PLA (corn plastic), but there are other materials, good or bad from the brush bristle flexibility can be felt. Brushing teeth is a daily activity. For the sake of health and oral hygiene, brushing teeth has become our habit. Choosing a toothbrush seems to be a trivial matter. There are many skills in it.

(1) The first thing to consider is the hardness of the brush: generally can be divided into soft, neutral, hard three kinds, when buying a toothbrush, you can gently press the brush, if there is tingling, the brush is too hard to use, responsible for causing damage to the gums. At present, nylon brushes are the most common brushes in toothbrushes. The elasticity, uniformity and hardness of nylon brush are moderate, which is helpful for oral health care.

The size of(2) toothbrush head is also critical: according to the regulations of American Dental Association, the length and width of toothbrush head should be 2.5-3 cm, 0.8-1 cm, 2-4 rows of brush hair, 5-12 bunches of brush hair per row, and the front end of toothbrush head should be round and blunt.

(3) For people with unhealthy teeth and oral cavity, special toothbrushes should be used: gingival atrophy, increased space between teeth, in addition to general toothbrushes, but also the use of inter-toothbrushes, such as cone-shaped brushes, long strips, etc., can be used. There is also a toothbrush with only two rows of bristles, which is used to massage the gums. The concave toothbrush with two rows of outer bristles longer than the two rows of middle bristles is specially designed for orthodontists. This toothbrush can not only clean the tooth surface, but also clean the food residue on the orthodontic appliance. For those with inconvenience in hand and foot movements (such as stroke patients), electric toothbrush and light-energy ionic toothbrush can be used.

Good health is the only way to get good teeth. Protecting teeth is an important aspect of oral health.

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