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Ten Secrets of Sales and Marketing of Hotel Goods-Scheme


With the development of Internet information technology, online sales of hotel supplies has become a trend and trend in today's society. The sale of disposable goods in hotels is no exception. In the future, it will surely go to Internet sales. Whoever grasps the first opportunity of Internet marketing will occupy the market and achieve greater success.

Yangzhou Hi-Hi-Smile Travel Products Co., Ltd. combines the e-commerce experience of hotel and hotel supplies industry in recent years to explain the marketing plan and secret of disposable goods on the Internet.

1. Promotion of B2B Business Website Platform for Hotel Supplies - Publish your product information about hotel disposables on a large number of hotel supplies industry websites, so as to achieve the goal of finding target Hotel hotels and hostels.

1. You can search for "hotel supplies" in Baidu and Google. The first two pages of e-commerce related business websites can collect and store information on computers, and then announce a large number of products.

2. Make every effort to select some well-known B2B websites to promote OK. Other small ongoing websites will collect enterprise and product information from these large well-known B2B websites.

3. Business platform of ethical behavior industry in e-commerce for hotels. As long as the substance of your products is vast, it is possible that they will bring you together without charge for publicity.

4. Similarly, we need to find websites with many users, high visibility and good search engine websites. 1. Comprehensive e-commerce business platform. For example, Alibaba, Huicong and other websites. Boiling hot, high visibility, search engine website included fast and many.

2. Publish news and product information on hotel and hotel supplies in local forums.

1. At the same time, request enough waistcoat number smart and smart top sticker, make this enterprise product is very versatile, very professional, product is very good atmosphere.

2. There are thousands of local forums to promote the whole country, and the implementation and promotion of these forums are quite popular. In all kinds of hotels, the Ethics and Behavior Forum announces soft papers, seeking to collect a large number of industry information, knowledge, business opportunities and company product information for overwhelming propaganda.

3. Promotion analysis: play a good brand publicity effect, insightful economic benefits. This form of promotion is basically the most tired one, complete physical strength, but if we do overwhelming and long-term resolute maintenance can also play a good brand publicity effect.

Promotion of hotel supplies through e-mail like target customers

Promotion analysis: The effect is ordinary, mailbox address is difficult to get together. Announce the advertisement mail to the customers who need a large number of fire facilities and dining utensils, such as hotels, traders, factories and colleges.

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